A society where SGBV in all its forms is ‘unthinkable.’

ARC provides free medical and psycho-social care to both male and female Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) survivors of all ages.

Taking care
of your life issues

Dealing with sexual violence can be challenging and hard. There isn’t always an answer to all the issues you may face. We’re here to help you.

Our Vision

A society where Sexual Gender-Based Violence is “unthinkable”.

Our Mission

The provision of a comprehensive response to Sexual Gender-Based Violence through quality medical and psychological services, awareness raising and advocacy, training and research, whilst changing mindsets and attitudes towards  “sexual gender-based violence”.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Compassion
  • Diligence

History of the Organisation

The Adult Rape Clinic (ARC), was established with support from the Ministry of Health and Child Care & Parirenyatwa Hospital as a response to the dire lack of appropriate facilities for a holistic and sensitive response for rape survivors in government hospitals in Zimbabwe. It provides comprehensive management including medical management, counselling, training and support services which includes formed partnerships with organisations providing complementary services. The clinic offers medical care, ongoing psycho-social support services, awareness raising and advocacy surrounding sexual gender based violence issues.

Building A Safer Community

It is an understatement that the aftermath of rape is a physically and emotionally difficult time for a victim.

In fact, it is so physically and emotionally traumatic, that many rape victims choose to suffer the physical pain and the feelings of vulnerability, fear, guilt and shame, in isolation and silence. Whilst this might be a common reaction, there is no need for a survivor of rape to go through the trauma alone. We as society often re-victimise the victims of sexual violence when we don’t believe them or question their accounts.
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Standing up for the survivors of sexual abuse is a NECESSITY, the work you are doing is great. This notion is even supported by the Mosaic Law in the Bible (Deut. 22:25-27). Did you also know that there is no religion, culture or nation that supports rape?

Simayedwa Masukume


Sexual violence can happen to anyone, regardless of their race, gender, tongue, age, complexion, sexual orientation or their social standing (among other things). Equally, the perpetrator could be ANYONE. Mentors, celebrities, family members, influential members of society or your partner.

Phephisiwe Muranda


The unfortunate truth is that we live in a culture where fear and victim blaming keeps survivors silent. This makes it difficult for victims to come forward. It’ll take all of us to create a culture that no longer tolerates sexual violence.

Anne Tendai

Ending Sexual Violence Together!!!

Over and above providing holistic care, treatment and support to rape survivors, the other core function of ARC is to provide continuous learning for medical and health professionals and multi-sectoral organisations in the management of rape response. Below are the current figures of cases that have been handled by ARC and professionals who received training in SGBV care and management.
Cases Handled
Registered General Nurses
Victim Friendly Unit Officers
Medical Doctors

Take A Step Be Involved

Supporting a survivor of sexual violence can be daunting; many people are afraid of saying or doing ‘the wrong thing’, or of ‘damaging’ someone further because they ‘don’t know enough’. But you don’t have to be an expert. If you are prepared to listen, the survivor who has confided in you will be able to guide you in what they need.

CLINIC ACTIVITESFirst Responders & Counselling

The clinic offers confidential psycho and medical care to survivors of sexual violence. Services are offered regardless of whether or not one has reported to the police.

OUTREACH & AWARENESSCommunity Education

ARC raises awareness on community response, know how on SGBV related issues providing communities with information for first respondents to rape cases.

TRAININGCommunity Equipping

Our training involves gatekeepers such as, community leaders, though leaders, influencers that give us access to their communities and are able to influence behaviour and attitudes.

DONATESupplies & Resources

In order for the clinic to continue its work, we need resources and supplies. Would you be willing to be a part of us and donate to the cause?