HISTORYOur Organisation

The Adult Rape Clinic (ARC) was established as a response to the dire lack of appropriate facilities for a comprehensive and sensitive response for rape survivors in government hospitals in Harare and aims to establish a model for replication throughout the country. It provides comprehensive management including medical management, counseling and support services and has formed partnerships with organizations providing complementary services such as ongoing psycho-social support, police and legal services, as well as prevention, awareness raising and advocacy surrounding gender based violence issues.

We Believe Survivors
ARC Services are Private & Confidential

The Clinic offers confidential support and advice – both medical and psychological – to survivors, with no obligation on a survivor to thereafter go to the police or tell their families.
The clinic offers confidential counselling and medical care to survivors of sexual violence.
ARC trains all players who deal with survivors, from nurses, doctors, Victim Friendly Unit to legal experts.
ARC advocates for issues regarding sexual gender-based violence.
Emergency Medical Treatment
Rape is a medical emergency, Survivors should rush to their nearest clinic within 72hrs.
Counselling services are offered. Rape is a Traumatic experience, whether it happened yesterday, today or 50 years ago.
Follow up Care is offered until survivors have completely recovered.
ARC does not work in isolation, some survivors need more than just treatment so we refer them accordingly to our partners.

Working Together
We can make our Community Safe

The Adult Rape Clinic is involved in awareness raising programs for issues regarding Sexual and Gender Based Violence emphasising on response and prevention. We are currently reaching out to school, colleges, workplaces, churches.
Cases Reported
Victims Helped
Medical Team

we are making a difference

Through our clinic activities, training, outreach and awareness we believe are making a huge impact in advocating against Rape and Sexual and Gender Based Violence.
Nzvimbo Community Road Show - Photo by Floridah R Mapeto

Clinic Activities

Adult Rape Clinic offers Free Post Rape Services for Rape survivors from adolescence to adults. Our staff are trained to cater for both males and females.

Harare Agricultural Show Stand - Photo by Floridah R Mapeto

Outreach and Awareness

The Adult Rape Clinic outreach and awareness team has reached almost half a million people from 2010 to date through programs designed to spread messages on Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

Harare VFU Training - Photo by Floridah R Mapeto


The other core function of the Adult Rape Clinic is to provide continuous learning for medical and nursing professionals and other stakeholders in the management of rape.