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11/07/2018by admin0

Rape is a painful event and it affects your mind and feelings as well as your body. Talking to a counselor will help you feel better with time. It is important to have the support of your family and friends, so that you are encouraged to talk to them about any problems you might have. There are support groups which can also offer counseling services.

The feelings of survivors after rape may vary from person to person. The emotional reactions commonly experienced by rape survivors include;

  • Thoughts of helplessness and not being able to continue with life.
  • Anger and aggression.
  • Fear that it might happen again.
  • Need to get away from a place which reminds you of the rape.
  • Loss of trust in others.
  • Feelings of being dirty.
  • Loss of self worth.
  • Avoiding social contact due to shame and low self esteem.
  • Inability to show love to your loved ones e.g. (husband, wife, children, parents).
  • Dislike of intimate sexual relationships.
  • Disorientation.
  • Lack of concentration and forgetfulness.
  • Nightmares.
  • Flashbacks of the rape itself (reliving the rape).
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Feelings of being responsible for what happened or even guilt.
  • Suicidal thoughts



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