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Receiving medical care after rape is an emergency! Report within 72hrs to prevent HIV, STIs and unwanted pregnancy. Call us on +263 242 793572 or +263 775 672 770

You Are Never Alone
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People rarely lie about rape or sexual abuse. Why would they? It is important to believe what they are saying even if it’s difficult for you to hear. No-one asks to be abused, assaulted or raped. No survivor should ever be blamed for not preventing their own abuse or violence against them. The blame lies with the perpetrator.
Contact Us
We are dedicated to offer support and have made lines of communication easier for survivors, you can contact us via Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 672 770 or +263 775 793 572
The Adult Rape Clinic does not operate in isolation, we work together with other service providers who are well trained for the management of rape.
Medical Services
Receiving medical attention after you have been raped is an emergency! Report to the clinic within 72hrs.
Legal services
We work together with organisations that provide legal services for survivors should they decide to pursue their cases.
Talk to someone about what has happened.

If you need someone to speak to. Reach out- There are  nurse counsellors who specialise in particular issues.

We do not tolerate RAPE!!!

Over and above providing holistic care, treatment and support to rape survivors, the other core function of the ARC is to provide continuous training and awareness raising for multi sectorial service providers of rape response which includes the police and legal personal.
Cases Reported
This is the number of survivors who have reported to the clinic to date both male and female.
Registered General Nurses
RGNs are trained on the clinical management and counselling of rape survivors.
Victim Friendly Unit Officers
The Adult Rape Clinic also trains and works with Victim Friendly Unit police officers.
Medical Doctors
Doctors are trained on the medical examination of rape survivors.