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05/07/2018by admin0

Rape is being forced to have sexual intercourse without your consent “permission for something to happen or full approval to do something”. This can happen to anyone; adult or child; male or female.

By definition, noone asks to be raped, no matter what they wear, where they are, what they have done or whether they have been using drugs or alcohol .

If you have been raped, it is important to understand that rape can happen to anyone and that it is not your fault. It is also equally important that you seek medical attention within 72hrs in order to;

  • Get medical care which includes treatment of injuries, prevention of HIV, STIs and Pregnancy.
  • Medical staff can collect evidence to support your case if you have reported to the police.
  • Receive psychological support/counselling.


Remember RAPE is not your fault. Do not accept blame for being a victim. You are not alone!

If someone you know has been raped, believe them, do not blame them. Offer support and compassion to help them work through the crisis and emerge a survivor. Encourage them to seek rape clinic services within 72hrs.


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